Donuts Don’t Count

Since this month we are addressing health and fitness, let’s discuss ways you can work out without leaving your home. As we are still unfortunately dealing with COVID issues, many people are not prepared to go back to a public gym and are looking for alternatives to get a great workout at home.

Before the pandemic started, I was a racquetball player and didn’t need any at-home equipment, but once COVID hit, I was very grateful that I had a treadmill. I have an older one that doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles now available through companies like Peloton and Nordic Track, but it works great for me.

If you need motivation from a class or instructor, then definitely look at treadmills with built-in video screens and an internet connection. They are costly—anywhere from $2000 to $5000. I found that if you can sacrifice the live instruction and simply watch TV while you work out, it can be far less costly. Just for fun, I found that game shows give me enough mindless entertainment for my 40-minute workout. If that won’t cut it for you, Peloton offers both treadmills and bikes. The classes run around $39 per month. Many of the manufacturers offer a 30-day free trial.

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If you are looking for a home gym, Tonal offers a complete gym and personal trainer. It gives you 200 pounds of exercise weights and includes accessories, like a bench press. It connects you to a personal trainer so you can customize a program that works for you. While it’s a great option, it’s not inexpensive—at around $3000 plus the cost of membership. As mentioned above, it’s a lot less expensive to go the non-connected route. You can get a home gym with weights for around $500 or less. Add the non-computerized treadmill or bike and save thousands. Being a tech guy, I ordinarily like going with everything high tech, but the costs are rather high and if you don’t need the TV-watching option, you can really save a fortune.

Two additional great ways to stay in shape are martial arts and boxing workouts. I found that boxing gives you an extreme cardio workout that burns fat and keeps you in shape, while the martial arts work your body and mind. If this is appealing to you, look at Fightcamp Personal. It’s a full-size, free-standing bag with punch trackers and accessories that also link you to expert trainers in case you think you might be the next Rocky. All things come at a cost and this one is around $1000. The monthly fee for training is around $40.

There are a number of apps that provide workouts for you, like Apple plus, Fitness Buddy, and MyFitnessPal. Check them out as they all have different features.

Want to go really low tech? One of the best fallbacks is simply walking your neighborhood. I recommend a two-to-three-mile walk at least five days a week. It’s great for cardio and keeps you in shape. Best of all, it’s free! No matter which workout you choose, do pick something. I want you safe and healthy in the coming year.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t get much exercise from raising and lowering your arm each time you take a bite of a donut. It doesn’t really burn many calories. Sad but true.

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