Ideas for: After-School Routines


As the kids get back to school and routines start to un­fold, having an after-school routine structured and established not only helps children focus, but contrib­utes to their learning and development. This intentional support allows kids to learn about balancing work and fun and helps them build upon real-world skills that will be required more and more as they progress through life. Our ideas for after-school routines help inspire ways to make your kids’ time more efficient, effective, and productive.

  • Have your kids get involved in after-school activities. Sports, dance, music, all stimulate different areas of the brain to contribute to their development.
  • Seek out an after-school sitter to help if both parents work
  • Utilize technology with apps like iHomework that organizes your kids’ homework and tasks.
  • Set rules on screen time usage (iPad, computer, phones)
  • Schedule “Family Time” during the week and have it be consistent
  • Establish the “Homework Area” and remove all distractions from that area
  • Use an iPhone alarm to work on having your kids focused for a specific amount of time
  • Organize all school supplies in labeled clear-plastic bins
  • Teach your kids about prioritizing by having them make to-do lists with deadlines based on their assignments
  • Develop a filing system with your kids that allows them to start organizing their school work
  • To regain focus, allow your children a short break after each assignment they complete
  • Create an after-school schedule: snacks, homework, play time, etc.
  • Pack their lunches the night before
  • Have your kids pack up their backpacks before bed with everything they need
  • Remove mobile devices and similar electronics from kids’ bedrooms to ensure a good nights sleep
  • Enforce regular weekday bedtimes. Having good bedtime habits increases better behavior, focuses, and overall well-being

By Sasha Lewis