Golden Summer: Making Memories at Summer Camp

Screen Shot 2017 07 14 at 4.42.25 PMFor a kid growing up in years gone by, summer was a beautiful word. It was a golden time filled with bike rides, baseball, surfing, and playing with friends until dusk. It was a time to be outdoors, soaking up the golden rays of the sun. Even the sound of the word was enough to have kids dreaming of hot days and warm nights spent playing, imagining, and growing. Before touchscreen phones, there was touch football. Before the internet, there was “nothin’ but net.” In time, hide and seek was replaced by Hulu and Netflix. Somewhere along the line, children started to forget how to play.

For many kids, summer has become a time to play with electronics. They would rather play football on an iPad than get outside and play a real game of football. Not only is this virtual reality taking away from a child’s ability to use their imagination, it is also depriving them of something incredibly important to their development: exercise. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Instead of begging children to come inside for dinner time, the battle has changed to begging them to go play outside. Especially for parents who have to work while their children are on summer vacation, technology has become an incredibly easy and reliable babysitter. Fortunately, there are phenomenal alternatives to keep children safe and occupied in a variety of different avenues.


There are a plethora of options for the more athletically inclined child. Being on a team is a life-changing experience for many children. Even those who do not feel “sporty” can benefit from these types of programs. From football to dance, gymnastics to parkour, cheerleading to lacrosse, there is a team out there for every interest under the sun. Most of all, it will get their body moving and their blood pumping!


If sports will not make your little campers happy, there are many other specialty camps to fit their fancy. From theater camp to space camp, equestrian camp to cooking camp, the possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose, imaginations will be stimulated, interests will be piqued, memories will be made, new friendships will grow, and your child will be forever changed from the experience.


In a broader sense, there are tons of outdoor camps that offer a variety of activities. Children benefit so much from being outdoors and gain an appreciation of nature that tends to be missing in this day and age. We live in such an incredibly beautiful place that it would be a shame to spend the entire summer indoors, staring at a screen.


To foster your child’s more independent nature, sleepaway camp offers an opportunity to temporarily leave the nest. These kinds of camps offer more than just a week or two in the woods; they encourage a sense of camaraderie, creativity, and teamwork, and they also teach responsibility. Plus, this environment is perfect for creating lifelong friendships for your camper.


If your child needs a little extra help in his or her studies, summer is the perfect time to work on those difficult subjects. Without the added pressure of peers and the timeframe of a school year, summer school is sometimes the best motivation. Summer education does not have to be boring as there are plenty of options these days to make learning fun. With bonus field trips and a more hands-on learning approach, a little research will no doubt yield the perfect program for your child’s needs.