Style Trends: Beauty From the Inside Out

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A life with less stress shows on the outside. That’s why designing a home is about both aesthetics and lifestyle. The primary bedroom and bathroom—the home’s two most intimate and personal spaces—need to be a refuge. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our health and our beauty. For this reason, my main goal in the bedroom is to use the integration of technology, design, and style to create room scenes that stimulate and calm the senses. Comfortable spaces filled with tactile textures support a good night’s rest and a certain ease as we go about our daily lives. My goal with fusing design and tech is the ability to change a room scene with the touch of a button. I want the design to be functional and flexible, able to change with the vibe of the moment.

The first step in any bedroom is a lighting plan. It is essential to creating the theme of the room and its ambiance. I utilize two layers of automated tailored drapes. In the morning, they pull back at a set time to let natural light in to stimulate wakefulness. In the late afternoon, the sheer inner layer comes down, filtering the sunlight into muted tones as the day winds down, allowing for a shift into a more relaxed mood or even the ability to sneak in a nap. In the evening, the black-out layer blocks out all distractions, aiding in restful sleep. In addition, the automated temperature controls keep the room comfortable. By providing these thoughtful, cohesive scenes, a space not only leaves a visual impression but an evocative feeling that is more soothing and memorable.

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Bedding is the next step. If you truly want to pamper yourself, quality sheets are the perfect splurge. One of my favorite luxury choices for bedding is Frette. The Italian-imported, high-end cotton weaves turn any bed into a stylish and restful sleep sanctuary. If you prefer completely organic materials, bamboo silk sheets are a great sustainable option. With the changing of the seasons, bamboo silk sheets keep you cool during the hotter months and warm when the weather cools down.

The flow of the day begins and ends in the bathroom, making the organization of this space doubly important. I custom design all of my drawers to optimize the space, thinking about the best way to keep beauty products organized. Vanity cabinets that store personal appliances, like the Dyson Airwrap or the NuFACE facial toner, have built-in charging ports to keep things both functional and organized. Another must-have for every beauty lover is a built-in fridge, perfect for face masks, creams, bottled water, or even champagne. And any bathroom will feel like an at-home spa with the inclusion of heated floors, a free-standing bathtub, and a steam shower.

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The style and the personality of the home enhances one’s quality of life and personal beauty. From the bedroom to the bathroom, these upgrades will do exactly that.