See What’s Cooking at WDC Kitchen & Bath

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Health and wellness remain a focal point these days across the
globe. In Southern California, family-owned WDC Kitchen & Bath Center notes a similar focus in the kitchen and bath industry and currently offers a myriad of health-minded products to meet this growing need. These include air-dry ovens that cook with little to no oil and combi-steam ovens that enable you to prepare both steamed and regularly cooked meals. They can even defrost and reheat just like your less-than-healthy microwave ovens. The steam also helps food retain more moisture and nutrients.

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As busy families seek additional ways to maintain a better work/life balance, they look for products that make their lives easier. Voice-activated plumbing fixtures, such as kitchen faucets and shower systems that utilize Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, grow in popularity. Smart refrigerators attract a tech-savvy audience. Bluetooth-enabled devices that let you control your appliances from your smart phone and LCD screens that enable you to adjust oven temperature via Wi-Fi are all on the rise in our increasingly connected world. Refrigerators offering a combination of food zones and filtered water are also on-tap. Black stainless steel puts a new face on popular appliances. All-in-one washers/dryers clean and dry within a single unit. Since they’re ventless, they fit conveniently into smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and closets. Customers can find the newest trends for their kitchens, bathrooms, and more at the 2,000-square-foot WDC Kitchen & Bath Center in Agoura Hills or other locations throughout Southern California.

WDC Kitchen & Bath Center
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