Reorganize Your Closet

and Refresh Your Life


Now that COVID-19 is thankfully retreating in our state and we’re starting to get out more, it’s time to put away that pair of leggings or joggers you’ve been wearing for the past year. It may be summer, but it’s never too late for a little spring cleaning to show that some fashion sense lives on.

Cleaning out your closet helps you take stock of your belongings and your life. Do you keep wearing the same basics
over and over again? You may benefit from professional closet organizers. Or simply check out Pinterest and other websites for tips on maximizing your space.

Consider whether each item is still in style and how it makes you feel. Does it fit or are you just keeping it for sentimental reasons? We all know what colors look good on us, based on our hair color and skin tone. If you realize that camisole top no longer works, put it in the purge pile.

Some quick tips
Divide your items into one of three piles: keep, donate, or purge.

Don’t use fat hangers. Instead, use those thin velvety ones that grip your clothes.

Try on everything that you haven’t worn in a while. Our bodies change. Plus, most of us went up and down emotionally
and weight-wise during the pandemic, so see what fits.

Give away or toss too-tight, pinching shoes. Also, seriously consider whether or not you should keep those fabulous one-hour shoes or not.

Decide whether an item’s too dated or so timeless it never goes out of style.

See if your clothes still mirror the way you feel inside, projecting your sense of style.

Shop in your own closet. Look for never- worn clothes that still have their price tags and start wearing them. It’s like having your own clothing store of fun, forgotten garments.

Tuck items such as sweaters, sweat pants, nightgowns, and shorts into drawers to save closet space.

Time to reorganize
Once you’ve decided which pieces stay, it’s time to find the best way to fit them back into your closet. Decide
how you’d like to organize them: work, casual, or formal. Do you prefer keeping colors together or separating them from light to dark? Or do you want to sort them by season? (Do we still have seasons in Southern California?) Organize your closet in a way that makes sense to you. In the end, come to terms with the fact that your closet will never be quite big enough to hold everything you want. Then, have fun transforming your closet and your life. Just leave a little room for the future.