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The garage is often the most overlooked area in the home, especially when it comes to maximizing space. Trying to wrap your mind around finding a place for the belongings you’ve accrued throughout the years can quickly become overwhelming. Inspired Closets can guide you in creating a functional, aesthetically appealing garage tailored to your family’s specific needs. Their expert designers help you make sense of what you own and design custom solutions to store and organize it all.

Among the myriad options offered for garage storage, sliding-door cabinets have emerged as a popular choice due to the ease of access to stored items, so you won’t need to repeatedly move your car to open the door. Cabinets with built-in drawers and custom surfaces on top create a space-efficient garage workshop—making use of indispensable space, especially for those mastering DIY home projects. And floating cabinets add a touch of elegance while optimizing floor space, perfect for keeping potentially harmful things, from weed whackers to pesticides, stored away from little hands.

If tripping over scattered shoes is a daily dilemma, Inspired Closet’s experts also design permanent custom shoe storage solutions, incorporating a mix of racks, shelves, cubbies, and hooks to keep shoes organized in the garage and—most importantly—out of the house. For organizational inspiration, schedule a free design consultation with Inspired Closets and transform your cluttered space into a stress-free, functional place you truly love.

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