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at Natural Stone Restoration

Making a difference since 1993

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For more than three decades, Natural Stone Restoration in Tarzana has kept clients’ stone floors and other stone needs in tip-top shape. From marble flooring to granite kitchen counters, they’ve become the go-to experts, promptly reproducing treasured finishes through deep cleaning, polishing, and sealing.

Natural stones, such as marble, granite, travertine, slate, and limestone, generally take millions of years to form within the earth. Once the material is fabricated into a slab for installation, however, it becomes vulnerable to staining and etching. Natural Stone Restoration helps keep the stone properly maintained. They’ll even show clients how to care for stone in between visits to avoid costly restorations in the future.

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Owner Isaac Carasso notes, “Our trained experts meticulously restore each client’s natural stone. Other stone restoration companies even come to us for advice. We guarantee our work. If you don’t love it, we’re not leaving until you do.”

Making marble shine

“Marble is one of the surfaces we see most often,” explains Carasso. “We frequently meet with clients planning to replace their older-looking marble. They quickly discover our polishing alone does the trick, saving thousands of dollars.”

Restoring polished marble or natural stone involves the removal of scratches and/or damage from the stone’s surface via mechanical abrasion, known as diamond grinding. This technique involves large amounts of water, which can damage your wood and carpet if the abrasion is not properly performed. A flamed finish can be restored with the same technique used when initially processing the tile or slab. This involves burning the stone to allow the crystals to “pop,” creating its unique finish. These practices require meticulous work by master technicians, like the experts at Natural Stone Restoration.

Limestone and granite restoration

“We relish our clients’ aha! moment when they first see their sparkling floors,” remarks Carasso. “Our cleaning tool removes dirt and grime collected from the pits of the limestone. Cleaning grout lines reveals a much brighter floor. We can also eliminate any chip or scratch or restore a broken piece of your granite countertop.”

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Should certain tiles appear higher than others, grinding down the excess can achieve a more level surface. If you’ve noticed dull spots in highly trafficked areas, they can repair these surfaces by honing or polishing the stone with a fine abrasive to produce the desired finish.

Helping the old look new again

Travertine has been used for centuries, as far back as Roman times when around 3.5 million cubic feet of it was used to construct the Colosseum. The material recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. Although its Swiss-cheese-like structure is filled and polished, it’s still susceptible to new holes. Natural Stone Restoration can clean the dirt that accumulates in these crevices and fill cracks with strong and virtually undetectable polyester resin.

This trusted company ensures that residential and commercial clients throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties receive the best restoration possible. When you’re ready to refresh the stone in your home or business, Natural Stone Restoration can return it to its original elegance in no time at all.

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