Pioneering Innovation in Home Design and Construction

Pure Builders, Inc.

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Pure Builders, Inc., headquartered in Calabasas, stands as a beacon of innovation in design, architecture, engineering, and construction technology. Spearheaded by President and CEO Eli Kaspi, the company has cemented its position in the home building and remodeling sector since its establishment in 1998. Kaspi, steeped in the artistry of home design, has guided Pure Builders through continuous evolution and refinement.

Over the past 26 years, Pure Builders has worked closely with clients in Calabasas and beyond, crafting interiors that seamlessly blend with their personalities and functional needs. Trends indicate a preference for separate living spaces, while maintaining a fluid connection between all dining areas. Furthermore, an emphasis on residential energy efficiency has spurred advancements in HVAC systems, window and door seals, roofing materials, and siding, greatly improving home insulation and functionality.

Specializing in timeless design, Pure Builders embraces a spectrum of styles, from traditional to contemporary, allowing clients to express their preferences freely. Popular features include marble accents, plaster walls, white oak cabinets, and flat panels, alongside a resurgence in natural stone and large-format, handmade tiles for a modern aesthetic. Warm white hues persist yet accents of blue and green are emerging to infuse homes with fresh vitality.

Pure Builders, Inc.
23966 Craftsman Rd.