Health Benefits of a Blue Space


This summer, many people will spend more time outdoors, which is beneficial both physically and
mentally. Have you noticed how relaxed you feel at the beach? There’s a reason for it. Time spent at the beach is particularly good for you. Known as blue space, the sound, smell, and visual impact of the water can positively affect your brain, causing feelings of peace and calmness.

To feel happier, more relaxed, and recharged, take a trip to the beach. Water helps to ease the stresses of life. Just being at the beach can instantly improve your mood, but there are a variety
of water activities that you can do to further immerse yourself in the experience. Try swimming, board sports, floating, scuba diving, sailing, and wildlife watching, as well as walks along the
coast. These blue space activities are some of the best practices for health and wellness.

If you need to clear your mind and boost your creativity, the beach is the answer. A day at the beach is similar to meditation. When you’re in blue space, you can focus and reflect on what you want to achieve. Get your creative juices flowing simply by dipping your toes in the ocean.

Everyday our senses are constantly overstimulated by our devices and hectic lifestyles. Water gives our brains and our senses much needed rest. The sound of water is simpler than voices, music, and city streets. This much quieter blue space allows for a cognitive break.

At the beach, our brains are fascinated by the water, receiving sensory input from it but not over-stimulation. This mindful state, where the brain is relaxed but focused, is beneficial for the mind
and body in many ways. The benefits associated with mindfulness include decreased stress levels, improved mental clarity and focus, better sleep quality, and relief from pain, anxiety, and depression.

We know exercise can improve our physical and mental health by reducing stress, and being surrounded by blue space helps us relax. So, instead of just a workout at the gym, jog by the ocean or jump in for a swim. Going to the beach to exercise offers greater health and neurological benefits than exercising in a crowded or chaotic space. The presence of water provides very real benefits for our overall well-being.

by Nancy Scrofano