Have You Chosen Your Word of the Year Yet?

word of the year

I bet you are wondering what that means. Many people make New Year’s resolutions—a list of what they want to change or accomplish throughout the year. By March, those lists are forgotten, and we are back to our old, familiar ways. So instead of a resolution, choose a word for the year, or let it choose you.

If you don’t like the idea of one word, make it two words. Don’t get hung up on details. The point is that this word should embody the way you live your life for the year. Once you decide, grab a trusty Sharpie and write your word(s) on a rock. Some years, I have searched for the perfect rock on walking trails. This year, I found the perfect colorful rock in a crystal store. A few years ago, I chose “positive energy.” The words inspired me so much that I chose them two years in a row. That rock still sits on my desk today as a great reminder to avoid getting bogged down by the weight of life’s daily issues. This year, I chose “integrity” as I aspire to handle every situation thrown my way with this quality. My husband, whose job can be stressful at times, decided to play along this year, choosing the word “release.” For him, this is a great reminder to let go of the stress he holds onto too tight, for too long. His rock was smaller, but the message remains loud and clear.

Choosing a word to write on a rock or a tile is a tradition that has been around for a long time. Some people hold white-rock ceremonies, each having a different interpretation. Another tradition involves meditation and writing down current problems or things you wish to let go on paper to burn in a bowl or fireplace. A tradition can be religious, spiritual, or motivational. It can be a ritual passed down by generations or something you do with friends or even alone. Ultimately, it symbolizes new beginnings–something to give you strength and a gentle reminder to move forward.