An Elevated Cannabis Experience in the Heart of Woodland Hills


Dispensaries are no longer new, yet there are so many people that are still uninformed or even intimidated by what they actually do. Atrium has the beautiful location on Topanga right near the 101 freeway. When driving by, you would think it’s a high-end jewelry store. Their goal is to educate you on what they do, and how they can help you in a natural way.

What are some of the medical reasons your clients purchase cannabis and are there specific strains that work best?

One of the reasons our customers purchase medical cannabis is insomnia. Many of them are unable to get a full night’s rest without waking up at least two to three times a night. Many of our products help customers go to sleep and stay asleep peacefully. We also have customers that use tinctures, topicals, and balms to help with pain and inflammation from arthritis. We carry suppositories for customers seeking relief for menstrual cramps. We have tinctures for those suffering from depression. It can help elevate mood without any psycho-activity. Also, for those with muscular sclerosis, we carry many CBD:THC ratios that can help with the pain. We also have a lot of patients seeking a treatment for cancer. This is called RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). It’s a highly saturated dose of THC that is known for shrinking tumors.

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There are a wide variety of strains, and each strain has its own specific purpose. However, it really goes further than strains. What we have realized now is that the terpenes common in more strains are the real molecules that help with certain medical conditions. OG Kush is known for helping stress and relieving pain. We know that it has a lot to do with the terpenes in this strain which consist of limonene and myrcene. Each of the strain’s genetics have been cultivated to be prime for helping with arthritis, depression, and insomnia. THCA in tincture form is famous for being non-psychoactive and has the same health benefits THC has without the “high feeling.”

How does the staff at Atrium Topanga educate the public on the benefits and most effective ways to use cannabis?

Our staff educates the public in multiple ways.

  1. We find the method of cannabis usage that might suit the customer best. This usually depends on what the person is trying to relieve. It also depends on pace and time it takes to feel the effects, whether it be 15 minutes or one hour.
  2. The staff educates the public on vapes. A lot of people are worried about vitamin E acetate inside vapes. This won’t happen in the vape cartridges at Atrium as all cartridges come from an approved, certified vendor with a valid license that must go through the California metric system. This system regulates everything at the store and makes sure every product has a batch number so it can be tracked from seed to sale. From the moment the seed is planted in the ground to the moment it’s sold to the customer, it can be tracked.
  3. We’ve held multiple education seminars with the elderly community to explain the values and benefits of cannabis.
  4. We also teamed up with a pet adoption nonprofit agency to educate the community on how cannabis can help pets as well. In addition, we were successful in finding homes for four foster puppies.

What sets Atrium apart from other legal dispensaries?

We offer one-on-one service to help customers find the right product for their cannabis needs and leave satisfied. All of our staff members are knowledgeable in every area of cannabis, from the CBD realm of tinctures, topicals, and suppositories to edibles, tablinguals, and capsules. This includes the wax from rosins, resins, badders, budders, and shatters. It also includes the variation of flowers that we have from outdoor to greenhouse and from mixlight to indoor flower. Unlike any other shop, we have 2,500 product options. We have one of the biggest varieties of products in the state, if not the country. Atrium is also known for its daily deals. Every day of the week, we offer a buy-one-get-one product.

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