5th Annual Calabasas Film Festival


Roll out the red carpet for the 5th Annual Calabasas Film Festival (CFF). Join your neighbors and some of Calabasas’ most talented residents for the highly anticipated, five-day, fun-filled event, complete with hand-selected film premieres and lively, catered afterparties. Created as a nonprofit platform for avid movie-goers, studio executives, and key players in the entertainment industry, CFF celebrates all things film in the city where the heart of film lives.

This year, sisters and festival co-directors Kelley and Nicole Fries are emphasizing support for diversity and female empowerment within the film industry as a proudly female-run festival, striving to effect change and put change in motion. With so many wildly talented Calabasas residents working in the entertainment industry, the Fries sisters have taken advantage of the opportunity to bring together like-minded individuals and passionate filmgoers within the community to connect over mutual passions for film and television. The innovative founders are looking forward to experimenting with exciting popup events throughout the year to keep awareness and momentum strong and continue to expand the brilliant future of their film festival.

In the spirit of promoting the arts, supporting filmmakers, and inspiring film lovers, the Calabasas Film Festival traditionally dedicates its last day to honor and educate the future of the industry—local high school students who have submitted their films for judging by a panelof movie industry personnel. They firmly believe in the importance of keeping film alive within the education system by providing future directors, producers, and writers a path to accomplish their dreams and share their stories.

With new sponsors and a fresh film lineup, this year is sure to be one for the books. Visit calabasasfilmfestival.com for more information.