The Incredible Porsche Marque Day at Supercar Sunday


Those of you who have attended or followed Supercar Sunday’s evolution over the last almost-20 years may know that the little car show that started in the El Camino Shopping Center has evolve again, and for the better!


The new location for Supercar Sunday is Pierce College. To kick off the new site, Keyes Cars, the presenting sponsor, pulled out all stops to celebrate the car community and highlight the Porsche Brand. For years, we have done a Porsche Marque Day, but with Keyes stepping in, it was the best, most exciting Porsche Marque Day in the history of Supercar Sunday. Over 400 Porsches attended the inaugural event at Pierce College. In classic Keyes style, there was an abundance of complimentary food, coffee, games and giveaways. Keyes, which recently acquired Porsche Woodland Hills, made a bold statement about its dedication to the Porsche brand and the car community. The event blew everyone away, and the passion and generosity that Keyes displayed was second to none. It was a grand-slam homerun for everyone.


Porsche enthusiasts from every club in Southern California attended and the PCA, in particular, had a tremendous showing. Porsches of all genres were present—air-cooled, water-cooled, naturally aspirated to the latest turbos, hybrids, and race cars. And there were also all the other car community members at the event. It was an epic turnout, one for the history books. For 2019, Supercar Sunday and Keyes Cars are looking to raise the bar and excitement in the car community. Get ready for an incredible 2019! For more information: