Nataline Sarkisyan Fashion Legacy

Fashion Legacy was created to honor Nataline Sarkisyan and the aspirations she had. Despite being diagnosed with leukemia, there were some things that leukemia just could not take from Nataline, like her teenage dreams and hopes of organizing and holding a fashion show.

Nataline lost her courageous battle on December 20, 2007, but her dream is being fulfilled and her loving, generous spirit lives on forever. Every July, in homage to Nataline’s birthday, Fashion Legacy is held.

The annual proceeds of ticket sales to the fashion show, together with benevolent contributions to Fashion Legacy, provide grant scholarships to eligible students attending a fashion or culinary learning institute or medical or photography school. Nataline’s dreams, in turn, help her peers live their dr eams.

Every year, one of Nataline’s sketches from her fashion sketchbook comes to life during the finale of Fashion Legacy. On Saturday, July 8, 2017, fashion designer Usama Ishtay continued this tradition.

Photography by Debbie Vaccarello

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