Hidden Hills Valentine’s Day Musical

The 2020 Hidden Hills Annual Valentines Charity Musicale produced/directed by David G. Stanley and co-produced/choreographed by Palmer Davis was set in an imagined version of 1912 Hidden Hills, with flamboyant costumes, rousing music, and traditional “inside” jokes. Proceeds benefited the National Brain Tumor Society, Round Meadow PFA, and CASA of Ventura County. 

Cast: Susan Berns, Michael Bloom, Bryan Campbell, Elizabeth Chang, Catherine Gourdier, Eric Jacobson, Lucia Jacobson, Jeff Kessler, Jill Landon, Jennifer Lopata, Robert Lopata, Mike Werner Resnick, D. Jay Ritt, Biff Sherman, Renee Sherman, David G. Stanley, Megan Elizabeth Sweeney, Howard Tenenbaum, Camille Treacy, Alexander Werner Resnick, Maurice Watkins, Tamika Watkins.  Crew: Britt Aaronson, Ryan Cartony, Preston Boothe, J.P. Sweeney, Chase Stoddard, Christina Ramos, Janis Lake, Charles Jones, Wyatt Corbin, Oscar Man, Andrew Ben-Porat, Morgan Fottrell. Special thanks: Prop Heaven, The Theatre Company, Ross Garfield, HHCA BOD & Theatre Committee, Shannon Moore, Jackie Castillo, and Stefany Tristan.  

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