Hadassah Blues for Boobs

October 24 was a successful evening for Hadassah’s B’yachad Chapter, hosted by Michelle and Phil Conwisar and chaired by Nancy Reiser to raise money for Hadassah Hospital’s Oncology Division to find a cure for breast cancer. Hadassah has dedicated itself to medical research without borders, religious affiliation, monetary needs, or political boundaries.

The 120 women in attendance at “Blues for Boobs” painted their own cosmetic bags as they enjoyed a live performance from 90’s Nation, participated in a silent auction, indulged in delicious food from Brent’s Deli, and imbibed fabulous beverages donated by AJA Vineyard, Santa Barbara Winery, Kharma Tequila, and more. Guest speaker Dr. Janie Grumley, M.D., surgical breast oncologist and director of Margie Peterson Breast Cancer at St. John’s Health Center, shared her personalized approach to breast health and advances in breast cancer treatment. For more information, visit Hadassah.org.

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