Bristol Farms Serves Up Great Catering Menu

On January 24, Bristol Farms catering department hosted a special tasting event to sample the delicious and beautifully presented catering options that Bristol Farms offers. Guests enjoyed a delicious array of food from their expansive catering menu prepared by Bristol Farms’ kitchens.

Since opening in November, Bristol Farms Mulholland has fast become a favorite of locals. With thousands of European-style products, natural and organic grocery items, and an extensive food hall serving innovative taste experiences at epicurean market stations, Bristol Farms has quickly become known as a local go-to destination.

Bristol Farms Mulholland provides a unique shopping experience, offers programs and classes for foodies of all kinds, and supports the community through local charity programs. The store is located at the El Camino Shopping Center and is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Contact Catering Manager Sandra Serebreni and Catering Assistant Manager Christina Hemming at 818.449.8606 for more info.

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