New Year’s Resolutions for Families

new year reso

While individual New Year’s resolutions are commonplace, family resolutions kick it up a notch. With a little ingenuity, you and your clan can begin a whole new tradition, reaping the reward of togetherness throughout the coming year.

Food for thought

So many of our resolutions begin and end with a new plan for losing weight. Instead of concentrating on just your own bulges, build a healthy meal and exercise plan for everyone. Involve your kids in the creation of delicious meals to help them shape their future relationship with food. Make it fun and easy—add more colorful fruits and veggies to every meal or bake healthy treats together and turn the chore of cooking into an adventure.

As for exercise, it’s always easier in a group. Hike together. Jog. Train for a 5K or charity run. Go horseback riding. Play doubles tennis or try badminton or volleyball in the backyard. Take a stroll on the weekends or after dinner. Whichever activities you choose, they will not only make staying healthy more attainable, but they will bring the family together for a common goal.

Put down the cell phone

Let’s face it, there are few calories burned chatting on the cell phone or exploring the latest app. Unplug a few hours each week and prioritize family time ahead of online videos, social media, and television. Rediscover each other face to face instead of via Facetime. Spend time outside or play old-fashioned board games. Get back to the basics of simple family fun.

Focus on the environment

It’s daunting to face all the issues plaguing the environment on your own. Get the entire family to go green together. Help each other recycle. Plant a garden and grow your own food. Create crafts from used goods. Who knows? You and your kin may be the next big thing to hit Shark Tank!

Serve others and reward yourselves

There’s nothing more rewarding than serving others. Teach
your kids the joy of giving back. Volunteer at a food bank or plant trees with an environmental group. Instill a passion for service that extends far beyond the New Year.