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Traveling with kids.

It’s the holiday season, which means time off of school and vacations for many families. Traveling, while enjoyable, can also be challenging when your kids are young. With a little preparation, however, you can have fun, carefree family trip and see the world.

Motion Sickness
There’s nothing worse than when your child vomits in the car or plane. Fortunately, it’s not too common for young kids to get motion sick, but it can happen. If your child gets unexpectedly nauseous, give her or him some air, sips of water, a lollipop, or crackers. For older kids, try ginger candies. To prevent nausea and vomiting, limit reading, watching screens, and playing video games. Instead, encourage children to look out the window at objects in the distance or to simply relax. If needed, talk to your pediatrician as there are medications that can be given ahead of time to prevent motion sickness.

Ear Pain
Ear pain when flying is due to pressure changes during take off and landing. The best thing to do is encourage sucking or swallowing if your child is awake. For infants, nursing or sucking on a pacifier during is best. Toddlers can guzzle down a drink through a straw while older kids can chew gum or suck on candies. If your kids are asleep, however, let them be. It is okay to fly with an ear infection, just remember to have kids take their medicine.

Pack Wisely
Be prepared for illness, injury, and messes. Travel with a fever reducer, medications your child might need, antihistamine, bandages, and ointments. Also, make sure to pack clothes for all climates and any important blanky or stuffed animal.


Tanya Altmann Calabasas Pediatrics

by Dr. Tanya Altmann and Dr. Tiffany Fischman