Keeping Kids Creative at Home

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Left to their own devices, many kids can happily entertain themselves for hours. Getting them off their devices can be a little bit trickier. Sometimes, creativity gets lost in the mix. During this pandemic, when all eyes seem to turn to our computer screens, we need more ways to keep our kids stimulated both on and off their electronic gadgets.

Help your kids explore their artistic, theatrical, and/or musical talents. Start musical hours during which the entire family plays or sings. Ask your kids to write and perform short skits. Encourage them to craft original cartoons. Create seven-day challenges with a different art project each day. Buy some paint and canvases to let their inner Van Gogh shine.

It’s also easy to buy Legos, jewelry making sets, car modeling kits, and more. Hike in the hills and gather flowers to press. Teach your kids to plant an edible garden. Think of all the fun recipes you can create together with basil or thyme grown right on your kitchen windowsill or in your backyard.

You can discover plenty of courses to inspire creativity online or in person when places reopen. The City of Calabasas, for instance, offers an array of sports, theatre, and arts classes via Zoom for kids and adults. Visit their website at to learn more.

Establish family game nights. Remember charades? Get the kids to act out movie titles. Here’s another oldie, but goodie… Paper Bag Dramatics. Fill up a bag with assorted items, such as a sock, baseball glove, or necklace. Ask your kids to create a skit using only these objects. The more kids involved, the merrier. Let them build their own board game. It’s practically guaranteed to keep your kids from being bored. Remember not to push; simply suggest and let it be. Eventually, your kids can return to their favorite classes around town. This pandemic will pass. With the right encouragement, your kids’ creativity will last forever.