Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

fitness kid

Spring into action and get your kids off their screens and involved in fun fitness activities.

  1. Create an obstacle course in the backyard and start racing.
  2. Play “red light, green light” to develop your youngsters’ reflexes and ability to follow simple directions. Hold up a green sign for “go” and a red sign for “stop.”
  3. Draw a maze with chalk on the driveway. Stimulate both bodies and imaginations by encouraging kids to waddle like a penguin or hop like a kangaroo as they navigate through.
  4. Good luck with this one! Ask your kids to see how fast they can put away all the items in their room. They can pretend they’re Mary Poppins, only instead of using magic, they actually have to move around and quickly tidy up.
  5. Reward your kids with a walk in the park or a hike on your favorite trail.
  6. Build strength with resistance-training bands or small weights.
  7. Begin a daily yoga practice together. Do the downward dog. Your favorite furry friend can show everyone how.

The two most important things are to get your kids moving and to have fun.