Ask the Pediatrician: May/June 2019

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How can I keep my family safe this summer?

School is out and summer is in! Here are my summer safety “S”s to ensure your family enjoys a safe summer.

  1. Have your kids take swim lessons. Everyone should learn how to swim. Not only is it good exercise and fun but it’s a lifesaving skill.
  2. Supervise. Assign an adult to be the “water watcher” and have eyes on pool at all times—no looking at those cell phones. Use “touch supervision” with young kids—always be an arm’s reach away.
  3. Take safety measures. Home pools should be completely surrounded
    by a fence always. A young child may visit or a neighbor may wander in. In Southern California, skin safety is important all year, but especially during the summer. Here are three tips to protect skin from sun’s harmful rays:
  4. Shield skin. Seek shade when possible by wearing wide brim hats and UPF clothing (available at a variety of price points). Also, make sure strollers and baby carriers have large sunshades.
  5. Stock up on sunscreen. Be sure it contains skin-safe ingredients, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide; is broad spectrum; is at least SPF 30; and is baby-safe.
  6. Safely and frequently apply sunscreen. Make it part of your morning routine and apply after swimming and every two hours that you’re in the sun. Wash it off at night. Teach kids to apply their own sunscreen properly so they’ll know how when you’re not there.

With a little preparation, you will be set for a fun-filled and safe summer.

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