A Sea of Colors From Factor HD


Each year, a new color scheme rises to the forefront. In 2020, neutrals and brass, as well as sky blue and sea green, are especially popular according to the creative designers at Factor HD. Other essentials in floors and surfaces, such as tiles that emulate natural materials, remain in style, as well. Large format porcelain tiles capture the look and feel of marble and stone. The veins in the porcelain can mimic marble and other more expensive materials for a cost-effective alternative. They also prove more durable, lightweight, and resilient than their natural counterparts. Picture kitchen islands crafted in light blue with wooden drawers topped with a single slab of white porcelain, protective ultraviolet (UV) resistant engineered quartz, or elegant slabs of veined porcelain kitchen counters.

Oversized walk-in showers also continue to grow in popularity. Mosaic tiles in a range of sizes and styles provide a perfect backslash to any shower, adding texture and a splash of color. Handmade porcelain mosaic tiles in an ocean of subtle shades also look and perform well in pools. Indoors, engineered wood flooring that matches the look of natural wood with less upkeep is fashionable. It’s available in a range of natural shades from light beige and rustic grey to walnut and cider brown. Waterproof laminate that resembles marble has also captured the hearts of homeowners looking to reduce costs and maintenance while creating eye-catching floors. Factor HD continues to transform homes and businesses into trend-setting showcases as it has for three decades.

Factor HD
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