My Favorite Space 2019


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Jennifer loves how the living room brings the outdoors in, with its glass wall overlooking the patio and wood beams made from an East Coast pier extending through both. “It is an oasis for me,” explains Jennifer. “I love to spend time in the living room at the end of the day to relax and unwind. Its calming environment also allows me to reflect on creative ideas to meet the needs of the students I work with.” One of the room’s focal points is a large piano, an heirloom from Jennifer’s husband’s family, where friends and family gather for annual holiday celebrations.

photography by Steve Geldman

j lopata mfs


the tarrs mfs

Linda loves English gardens. She learned so much from her grandmother, who was an incredible gardener. Linda and her husband, Ralph, found a large, framed photograph of an English country pathway, bordered by beautiful flowers, and tried to recreate it. “The challenge was to produce such beauty in the desert-like conditions of Calabasas, the opposite of England,” explains Linda. The couple has lived in their extraordinary Mountain Park home for 25 years. She adds, “Always believe you can create the garden of your dreams right here in our very own Calabasas. We feel like children again, lost in the world of nature.”

photography by Steve Geldman

mfs the tarrs


afton farley mfs 1

Afton Farley loves to gather with family and friends in her Bell Canyon kitchen to laugh, play music, and of course, eat. Afton, who is starting her own design firm, sourced, oversaw construction, and decorated the space, which was a real labor of love. “We chose a beautiful quartz for the oversized island with a seamless waterfall edge,” explains Afton. “We also love the statement light fixture and cedar-plank accent wall, which creates a perfect blend of natural elements, drawing your eyes outdoors.” Hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner last year was especially memorable. “We had so much to be thankful for.”

afton farley mfs room


the dekels mfs

After raising their family in a large home, the Dekels purchased a home on Lake Calabasas. “The dining room and living room are definitely our favorite spots, as we love to entertain,” says Tracy. “Our last house was formal; this is casual and comfortable.” After a complete remodel, the home is now exactly the dream they imagined. “I am blessed to have the best interior designer in my family, my daughter Skylar, Skylar Hope Design,” continues Tracy. “She has an incredible eye and creative approach at combining sophistication, practicality, and unique styles.” The Dekels’ favorite memories include having family and friends over for boat rides and holidays.

photography by Steve Geldman

mfs the dekels room


brenda moghadam mfs

Brenda J. Moghadam feels the kitchen is the heart of a home, where the family can gather together to plan events and vacations or simply share their day. She notes, “After traveling to Europe, we wanted to implement a classic French Chateaux design throughout our home. Our architect brought our ideas to life. We also worked closely with designer Georgia Jacobson who brought in color, fabrics, and details to create a European feel.” An interior designer herself, Brenda’s favorite element is the vaulted ceiling with its lovely pearl finish that reflects the changing light throughout the day.

photography by Steve Geldman

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anat mfs

No matter if she’s enjoying a cup of coffee as the sun rises or a glass of wine during the picturesque sunset, Anat Erster feels an incredible connection to nature in her backyard. She has vowed to never take her “happy place” for granted. With its cascading pool fountain and exquisite top-of- the-world views, her backyard is a tranquil retreat no matter the weather or time of day. One of Anat’s greatest pleasures is hosting her friends and neighbors after a long day of work to relax and marvel at the ever-changing scenery.

photography by Steve Geldman

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yamin mfs

“Living on the lake in Calabasas has been a goal of mine for many years,” explains Toni Yamin, “which I have finally realized.” She and her husband love looking at the lake and large patio from their living room. It makes every day feel like a vacation. During her husband’s recent birthday celebration, they opened up the sliding doors between the living room and patio so guests could flow in and out, which everyone enjoyed. A large custom-made crystal cabinet is also a favorite focal point of the room, along with autographed copies of coffee table books collected over the years.

photography by Steve Geldman

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the malamuts mfs

Mike and Barbara Malamut were looking to create a special space in Westlake Village to store their cherished automobiles when they stumbled upon a 30-garage facility aptly named “The Finish Line.” Designed after a car rally, “Rally Point” is a car condo and garage where they can unwind with a cold beverage and relax. “We enjoy viewing our car collection from upstairs while reading or answering emails,” explains Mike. “We wanted the space to stand out and make a statement about our car collector hobby. So, we came up with a design that would serve as an example for others looking to personalize their garages.”

photography by Steve Geldman

malamuts mfs


geldman mfs

Steve and Dana Geldman wanted to turn their living room into a truly functional space. The couple utilized Steve’s vast knowledge of high-fidelity audio to transform this relatively small area of their Westlake Village home into a high-quality media room. “We relax in our leather reclining media chairs watching a Blu-ray movie in 4K HD, listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan at 33-1/3 rpm, or a SACD 5.1 mix of a Queen track,” notes Steve. Dana chose the Asian-influenced furniture, wall color, and art, while Steve custom designed a birch media cabinet and selected all the media gear.

photography by Steve Geldman

geldman room mfs


mfs the heaths

When the Heaths remodeled their kitchen last year with the help of JRP Design and Remodel of Westlake Village, they wanted to create a bright, cheerful space. “The former kitchen had a lot of brown and terra cotta,” notes Melissa. “I love light, bright kitchens with painted cabinets, so that served as my inspiration.” They managed to keep certain meaningful touches intact, such as a rustic Mexican door table, dishes displayed in glass cabinets, and a scale that belonged to Melissa’s mother. Some of their favorite memory- making moments include cooking, baking, and enjoying meals together when all the kids come home for the holidays.

photography by Steve Geldman

the heaths mfs room


james hs mfs

Wendy and Andrew James wanted to create a relaxing spa vibe in the master bedroom suite of their Calabasas home that would take advantage of the gorgeous mountain views. “We designed the entire room to create a transitional, timeless decor, including European-oak hardwood floors, a neutral-gray paint color, well-balanced lighting, a modern fireplace, and transitional furniture, bedding, and accessories,” explains Wendy. One of the couple’s favorite memories is when they saw hawks soar through the skies behind their home for the first time. Wendy remembers, “It was a very beautiful and peaceful moment to watch them take flight.”

photography by Steve Geldman

mfs james room


the partons

Elyssa Parton owned a furniture store for nine years in Westlake Village called Pacific Rim Home. Over the years, along with their travels, Elyssa and Bruce Parton collected objets d’art that touched their hearts. In their new home, they created “The Gallery” to display them, adding gold and silver wallpaper as a stunning backdrop. The soft gray tones of the Italian porcelain floors marry beautifully with the gray-andwhite faux-marble fireplace, making it the perfect place to cuddle up during the winter months. A decorator herself, Elyssa feels blessed to be able to help others create beautiful spaces of their own.

photography by Steve Geldman

mfs partons room