Decorating with Succulents


Succulents can add the right amount of color and texture to any room or outdoor space. They are easy to care for and are almost foolproof, thriving on their own without daily pampering. Succulent is a term used for plants that can store water for a long period of time in their thick leaves and stems. They come in every different shape, size, and color and add a little greenery décor accent. The best part about them is that you can use succulent-plant clippings to grow a new plant. Different forms of succulents are cacti, aloe vera, zebra plants, and Flaming Katy, to name a few.

Besides the aesthetic of the plant, succulents actually have some health benefits. They are a mood booster since they brighten up any area. They purify the air and add fresh oxygen to the environment. We’ve heard that they improve focus and can enhance memory, which comes in handy when you need to remember to water them.

Succulent décor ideas:

• For a modern accent, start with a white pot with four to five different types and colors of succulents for the center of your table.

• Put together a terrarium, as they have made a comeback along with modern interior design.

• If you are inside an office all day, bring a bit of life to your desk with a small succulent.

• Adorn your window sill by lining up a few small plants side by side in similar pots.

• Mix up your entryway planters by adding some succulents in with your flowers.

• Add a little flare indoors or outdoors with a hanging succulent planter.

• Create a minimalist and natural kitchen- table centerpiece with a succulent.

• Mix potted succulents in with other décor on your shelves.

• Use succulents for bookends as a simple and chic way to prop up your books.

• Add greenery to your bedroom with a decorative pot and succulent on your nightstand.