What is Normal Forgetfulness


We are all so busy these days that there are times we feel like we are losing our minds. We forget things and go downstairs only to realize we don’t remember why we are there. How many times have we gone to the grocery store for just a few things and our mind goes blank on half of them? We wonder what the heck is going on and if this is normal? Many of these forgetful episodes can be written off as to how busy we are, lack of sleep, medications, stress, depression, or even thyroid issues.

As we get older, there is wear and tear on all of our body parts, including our brain. It’s good for us to realize what normal forgetfulness is versus something you should discuss with your doctor.

Normal forgetfulness:
– You forget about an appointment
– You can’t remember all the names of the people you met at a wedding
– You forget what an old friend does for a living
– You forget if you put two or three teaspoons of sugar in your coffee
– You lose things like your keys, phone, or sunglasses
– You forget what day it is
– You get lost going to a friend’s home you have not been to in a while
– You forget the name of a device
– You forget someone’s name

Unusual forgetfulness:
– You miss many appointments
– You forget you went to the wedding
– You forget what your friend does for a living right after talking about it
– You can’t work the coffee pot
– You can’t make sense of the numbers in your check book
– You feel lost about time
– You get lost going home from the grocery store
– You call a “car” a “bench”
– You forget your sister’s name

The best way to keep your brain healthy and your memory strong as you get older is to have an active lifestyle, get regular physical activity, and engage in mental activity and social interactions. If you or your family recognize more serious memory issues, please consult your physician just to be safe.