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Compassionate Holistic Care to Help Overcome Addiction

Crystal View Canyon’s holistic treatment facility offers an integrative approach to conquering addiction that combines Western medicine and Eastern philosophy. Anyone hoping to recover from addiction must understand the underlying issues that go far deeper than dependency upon a substance. Founders Dr. Sharilyn Adams and Dr. Shannon Dobbs, both licensed psychologists, incorporated their life experiences and training in addiction therapy to create a multifaceted drug and alcohol treatment program specially tailored to each participant.

Growing up in families ravaged by addiction, Dr. Adams and Dr. Dobbs strove to develop a facility capable of healing body, mind, and spirit. They offer individual and group psychotherapy as well as treatment planning and case management. At its core are these two compassionate doctors and their well-trained staff who provide a range of healing options, including yoga, meditation, skin care, dream work, and breath work. There is also a large pool, spa, and gym, plus an on-call medical doctor on staff.

Located within a tranquil canyon in West Hills believed to be a holy site for indigenous Chumash tribes, Crystal View Canyon offers a serene, natural environment optimal for healing. The program helps detox the body through healthy food and exercise. It frees the spirit with breath work and dream work encouraging reconnection to one’s higher self. And it refocuses the mind by challenging self-destructive thought patterns and obsessive behaviors. Instructors trained in addiction therapy provide fitness sessions in yoga, weight training, cardio fitness, martial arts, boxing, and self-defense. Chef Ker, in collaboration with a certified nutritional counselor, prepares delicious and nutritious meals designed to rebalance the body. And a caring team of professionals help reboot minds.

Crystal View Canyon provides residential treatment at the West Hills location. Recognizing there is no “one-size-fits-all” protocol and that recovery is a lifelong process, they also offer outpatient support through Mystic Recovery IOP (intensive outpatient program) in Woodland Hills, where clients can continue to see their Crystal View Canyon therapist for ongoing care.

Crystal View Canyon
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