How Toxic are our Pools?

Get ready for summer now!


A dip in the backyard pool or bubbling Jacuzzi sounds truly inviting. But what exactly are you and your family getting into?

Most swimming pools and spas are treated with toxic chlorine, cyanuric acids, stabilizers, and other chemicals known to be carcinogens. As these chemicals interact with organic compounds, such as sweat, lotions, and urine, they form toxic byproducts that can be extremely harmful. Swallowing too much pool water can also lead to chlorine poisoning, causing symptoms within the nervous and respiratory systems. Many may even experience trouble with vision, plus swelling and burning in the eyes, throat, nose, and ears.

Although chlorine breaks down in sunlight, many of the stabilizers, algaecides, pH balancers, and other toxins used in pools do not. While chlorine cleans and deters algae growth, it can also cause severe allergic reactions. It has even been linked to major health problems, including reproductive disorders, asthma, birth defects, and even cancer.

While saltwater pools are thought to be less harmful, they also utilize chlorine. In a saltwater pool, an electrode (also called a salt cell) is installed in the plumbing. As the diluted salt water passes through the cell, the electrical reaction creates chlorine. If you must swim in these pools, remember to shower immediately before and after with a natural soap like Castile, drink lots of filtered water to stay hydrated, and consider wearing a swimming mask to shield your eyes.

Fortunately, there is a much safer alternative. Kem Free Hyper Water System is the first and only 100% chemical-free swimming pool freshwater management system that kills bacteria, inhibits the growth of algae, and manages pH and alkalinity without harsh chemicals, eliminating carcinogens in swimming pools. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), environmental toxins are linked to the rise in chronic and autoimmune diseases. A pool without chemicals lessens the threat of chemical toxins in and surrounding one’s home. Some chemicals added to pool water, such as copper, cyanuric acid, stabilizer, and conditioner, never disintegrate and will actually increase in concentration over time.

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Kem Free’s proprietary approach utilizes only harmless hydrogen ions, replacing all of the traditional toxic means of pool water purification. The water in pools treated by the Kem Free Hyper Water System is completely nontoxic and chemical free with no foul taste or nasty chlorine odor known to cause asthma and burning eyes. In addition, this process conserves water and reduces damage to the environment since pools will not require the traditional periodic draining. It even preserves the surface life of the plaster. If toxic chemicals cause surface erosion in swimming pool plaster, imagine what they do to your skin. The revolutionary Kem Free System easily connects to a pool’s existing filtration system, allowing homeowners to swim in water that’s pure enough to drink. To learn more about protecting your family from harmful pool chemicals with the Kem Free Hyper Water System, call the distributor KEM FREE WATER at 855.KEM.FREE or visit the website at