The Gina Michelle and Koko Keledjian Family

Crafting a life beyond their dreams

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Nestled among the hills of Calabasas, Gina Michelle and her husband, Koko Keledjian, enjoy a picturesque view of the city while building a life they love and raising their two beautiful children, 11-year-old son Dezi and 9-year-old daughter Lucci. Their shared love for Calabasas, real estate, and each other brought them together over 16 years ago.

Gina, originally from Big Bear, relocated with her family to Fallbrook in San Diego County, where she completed her high school education. Her journey eventually led her to Los Angeles, where she pursued a degree at Cal State University Northridge on an acting scholarship. Meanwhile, Koko’s story began in Beirut, Lebanon, where he was born. His family’s life took a dramatic turn when they fled the war-torn region when he was only 4 years old. Despite being born on opposite sides of the world, fate led them to meet and fall in love in Southern California.

“We often say that we have no intention of moving any further east than where we currently reside,” Koko remarks. “Once you come to this side, I don’t think you ever go back! Gina, being a real estate broker, has relocated many families from other areas of the Valley and Los Angeles to the Calabasas area over the years. It’s the community and safety of the Calabasas area that reminds Gina of living in a small town like the one where she was raised.”

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Gina adds, “We cherish the fact that our community is filled with families, both parents and children alike, who are dedicated professionals actively engaged in their kids’ schools, sports, and activities. It’s like receiving a private education in a public setting, something we greatly value. Our neighborhood is a haven for like-minded families. We’re particularly excited about the ongoing development in the West Valley, from The Village to the new Rams practice facility. Not only is it a secure place for families, but it’s also poised for substantial growth in the coming years.”

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Gina serves as a real estate broker at The Agency Calabasas, bringing her extensive experience to the table. She obtained her real estate license in 2005 and successfully ran her own real estate business for many years before becoming a valuable part of The Agency’s team in 2018. Currently, she leads a high-volume team in partnership with George Ouzounian, with a primary focus on the vibrant area spanning from Calabasas to Studio City. Her influence in the residential real estate sector earned her the title of “Leader of Influence” by Los Angeles Business Journal in 2022 and 2023, and she was recognized as one of L.A. Magazine’s 2023 Real Estate Allstars. Additionally, Gina holds the distinction of being named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in Southern California. In 2005, Koko’s passion for real estate investing and development ignited, leading him to make a career shift from his successful chiropractic business to pursue luxury home building. He recently completed a magnificent 9,000-square-foot home in Country Ridge Estates, a boutique Calabasas development featuring eight new-build residences—with Koko’s being the largest and most modern design slant of the bunch. Gina and Koko are also building their own family home in Calabasas Ridge Estates, nestled in Malibu Canyon.

Together, they both agree that their most cherished achievement remains their family. Their son, Dezi, recently completed his elementary school journey at Chaparral in Calabasas and has embarked on a new chapter at Chaminade Middle School.

Gina enthusiastically shares, “We can’t speak highly enough about Dezi’s educational experience within the Calabasas public school system. Our decision to enroll him at Chaminade was motivated by its strong focus on sports, particularly basketball, which he adores. Dezi has made it onto the 6th-grade basketball team, and Koko, who coaches basketball for the Calabasas Rec league, has been his coach since he was just 3 years old.”

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Their daughter, Lucci, faces the challenge of a rare seizure disorder that, thankfully, has been well-managed for several years. Additionally, Lucci falls on the autism spectrum and attends a specialized school and class tailored to her needs. Both Koko and Gina are actively involved in epilepsy research and support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in their efforts. In addition, the couple actively engages with other families who are navigating similar health challenges, providing valuable support and guidance in their journeys. If you spend any time with the four of them, you’ll quickly realize that the love and unity that hold their family together are immeasurable, a true testament to the care and compassion they have for one another.

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Balancing their bustling careers with family life, they continue to explore the world. “Now that our children are a bit older, we make it a point to prioritize both a significant family trip and a couples’ getaway each year,” Koko shares. “One of our favorite destinations is Paris. Earlier this year, we treated the kids to a memorable visit to Disney World in Orlando and embarked on a European adventure with our closest friends. We place a strong emphasis on both traveling with our kids and enjoying some adult-only trips as well. Our closest friends happen to be couples also immersed in the real estate world, and we all carve out time from our demanding careers to indulge in travel.”

Gina, who hails from Big Bear and has a deep love for the snow, adds, “We’re skiers and snowboarders. We enjoy taking our kids on boat outings and have a special fondness for camping in Lake Tahoe, where they get to experience it lakeside. Cancun holds a special place in our hearts as that’s where we were married, and we love sharing the beauty of Mexico with our children.”

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Closer to home, Gina and Koko frequently indulge in dining experiences at local establishments such as Casaléna. Gina effusively expresses, “The cuisine here is truly exceptional, and the ambiance is captivating. They’ve infused a vibrant and trendy atmosphere right into our neighborhood.” Despite the plethora of tempting dining options nearby, the couple remains committed to their fitness goals and maintaining a regular exercise routine.

Shortly after exchanging their vows in 2009, Gina and Koko decided to move from Sherman Oaks to the West Valley, with the goal of starting a family. Their decision to establish roots in the Calabasas area was motivated by the exceptional schools and tight-knit community it provides. Alongside building a fulfilling life together, they wholeheartedly embraced their new surroundings, and today, after many years well-spent, they enjoy living the fruitful life they’ve created in Calabasas.