The Beauty of Nature

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“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”
– Vincent Van Gogh

Nature makes us feel closer to the infinite. Surrounded by its inescapable beauty, whether a delicate pink bud about to share its colors with the world or a butterfly practicing its first tentative flight, we feel a deep spiritual connection to our planet and the universe. If you’re lucky enough to notice the vulnerability of a spider web wet from the morning dew, you’ll realize these liquid jewels are even more precious than pearls due to their oh-so-short lifespan.

We’re truly fortunate to live in Southern California, where we can walk in nature throughout the year without the burden of surprise winter snowstorms, thick raincoats, or heavy boots. Beauty shines all around us, just waiting to be admired. Notice how delicate flowers dress up your neighborhood. They always look a little bit different, depending on the season, length of the shadows, and time of day.

Take a walk on the wild side. How welcome are the purple and yellow wildflowers as they brighten an entire mountainside or the rare sighting of America’s symbol of freedom, the bald eagle, flying above, making us feel more alive. Breathe in the fragrant sagebrush or salty ocean air. Hold hands with your beloved as you watch the waves dance across sandy shores. Feel the wind brush your hair. It’s amazing how a vibrant pink and purple sunset can release the cobwebs from your mind.

Have you noticed that a walk in the woods lightens your mood? It’s the power of the natural world that heals. Like a small child or pet, it teaches you to simply be here now. Observing beauty helps quiet an overactive mind. Just remember to look. Put away your phones. Cherish the wind, flowers, trees, and sunshine. Even the rocks have stories to tell. And all you have to do is open your eyes and ears, watch, and listen.