Small Business Owners

Hang in the Balance!
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Are the risks too high right now? I believe they are.
Each day people must recalculate and rethink how they handle their moves during this pandemic. Are these changes so severe, so unreasonable? The current up-rise of the virus is a testament to how fragile everything is. The uprise affects the broader economy, and we all want it to get going again, but are we acting responsibly? No one is feeling the pain more so than small business owners. The pandemic is not going away; being responsible allows small businesses to open in our communities and stay open.

Are we so desperate to claim personal freedom by not wearing masks, not keeping distance, overlooking our neighbors’, families’, parents’, and children’s health? By not wearing a mask, yes, something so simple, our economy will never flourish, and many will continue to perish. COVID-19 is the new domino effect that will only continue unless we accept the new norm, whether longterm or short. The result will continue and affect our schools and healthcare system until the burden is too significant to shoulder.

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How happy small businesses were to re-open in our communities and accept costly protocols needed to protect their staff and customers’ health, only to feel ambushed by those who chose not to follow the guidelines. Once again, several businesses faced laying off staff. They hoped for government support and, above all else, felt extremely marginalized. I understand that everyone wants to have the previous life they had, but we are still in a pandemic, and our community’s small businesses hang in the balance. When you value your community, you value yourself.

I write this with compassion and understanding that this time is a difficult one. We all want the societal norms of yesterday back, but it is a different norm, and we don’t want to look back at this time with regret because we acted unwisely.

Wear your mask and practice social distancing. Keep yourself and others safe, and the economy will come back even stronger.

Please continue to support small business, inside or outside, pick-up or delivery. We need to get through this together!


By Bridget Karl
President & CEO
Calabasas Chamber of Commerce