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Dedicated Gr8ness Builder and Therapist

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Making clients’ lives easier and more successful is what Rosalinda O’Neill does. People, firms, and family legacies have benefitted for decades thanks to Rosalinda empowering them to strengthen their abilities and trust in their actions, and helping them identify what is best to do, what is best not to do, and when and with whom.

Corporate and business leadership and revenue builder, life mentor and California licensed marriage and family therapist for more than three dec­ades, Rosalinda knows how to make clients smarter at making their lives great. She knows her clients deserve happiness, success, and wonderful life moments at the levels they really want; and they need strength and wisdom to cope, succeed, and get through difficult times. With individuals, partnerships, and corporations throughout California, Rosalinda utilizes her You Matter Gr8ness Building® wisdom in one-on-one, partner, and team meetings to help them achieve greatness.

Untitled 2 copy 1As part of Rosalinda’s teaching, she says, “We human beings do not have to be stuck with what we have or how we are. We have the ability to change and evolve. Time is the currency of our lives.” She adds, “I love making it payoff better for those who want more success and a wonderful life, or simply more peace of mind and a greater sense that they matter.”

Realizing early on that successful people impose limitations on themselves which undermine their higher goals and wishes, Rosalinda developed her Success Intelligence® Road maps assessments and wisdom. She knew this was her life’s work. Her clients achieve more appreciation, confidence, peace, and other rewards as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, workers and leaders, owners and professionals, and friends and achievers in their schools, businesses, and professional and personal lives. Clients learn to stop being harmful to themselves and others too. “I always knew companies and other organizations would benefit greatly,” she adds. “And they do.”

Rosalinda earned her Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida to become a University administrator. She studied law and psychology before leaving her successful Florida corporate and university leadership career for Los Angeles. She completed her master’s degree in counseling psychology at LA’s Loyola Mary­mount University while starting her consulting practice and becoming a “wise” clinician, adding wisdom for a successful life to her clients’ experience.

Rosalinda’s clients undo the lessons from earlier times in their lives that limit them, eliminating anxieties and doubts as they build greater confidence and knowledge. She provides services throughout California as she increases her clients’ abilities to communicate clearly and kindly yet confidently, increase value and achieve other quality life goals. Her work includes her trademarked You Matter Gr8ness Building® Time Mastery, Partnership Building, Corporate Leadership, Rainmaking, Succession, Team Building, OD, and Conflict Management Made Easy.

Untitled 3 copy 1“As the oldest of five children, I learned to focus on what was best for others to be happy and succeed,” Rosalinda says. “I now also prioritize what makes me happier and more successful, too. That has been a long journey. Happily, I am still on it.”

Rosalinda O’Neill knows how to eliminate what is keeping you, those you care about, and your firm from being as successful, happy, and confident as you would like to be. She’d love to help.

Rosalinda O’Neill’s nonprofit leadership includes Rotary lnternational’s Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, City of Hope Board of Governors, West LA Veterans Home Support Foundation Board, and Shakespeare Center LA. An owner of Federal Trademarks and published author, Rosalinda has appeared as a featured speaker on television and radio and for California Judicial Council, California Bar Association, Ca/OSHA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and private corporations and organizations.

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By Lori Berezin