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These days, so much of the water in our households is essentially unfit for consumption. Even the pools in our backyards are full of toxic chemicals, making them hazardous to our health. With spring here and summer fast approaching, it’s time to think about making those beautiful backyard pools even more fit for our children, families, and friends.

Traditional pool water treatment methods require toxic chemicals such as cyanuric acid, conditioners, stabilizers, and algaecides, which never disintegrate. In fact, they actually increase in concentration over time, and combined with the weekly doses of chlorine and muriatic acid added, they truly become a lethal combination of carcinogens. That’s the reason it is industry recommended to change your pool water every four to five years. But now there is an eco-friendly option. For example, a water system called the H2titan Hyper Water System™ uses no chemicals, and therefore, there is no oversaturation of toxins and no need to change the water because it’s 100% chemical free.

Even saltwater pools create toxic chlorine. While saltwater pools are thought to be less harmful, it’s quite the contrary. Saltwater pools utilize all the same toxic cancer causing chemicals including chlorine. In a saltwater pool, an electrode (also called a salt cell) is installed in the plumbing, and as the diluted saltwater passes through the cell, the electrical reaction creates chlorine. Not only is it not a healthy alternative, it’s introducing the corrosiveness of salt in your pool and destroying your pool equipment, tile work, decking, and even the grass, shrubs, and environment.

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The makers of the H2titan Hyper WaterSystem spent nearly 20 years and millions of dollars creating this revolutionary purification system solution. Local Thousand Oaks company Kem Free Pools offers H2titan Hyper Water System, the planet’s first and only proprietary approach using HYDROVORTX Technology™ to create hydrogen ions. You can finally make your backyard pool safer, eliminating cancer-causing carcinogens with an eco-friendly, 100%-chemical-free Hyper Water System.

H2titan is an automated water-management system that regulates pH, controls algae, and manages alkalinity–with zero chemicals added to the water. H2titan uses patented technology, not chemicals, to efficiently manage water chemistry. H2titan is not an ionizer system and uses no metals of any kind to produce its effervescent cleansing ion. H2titan is the only freshwater management system in the world that produces pure, healthy, drinkable water with zero chemicals added.

“The constant cycle of using noxious chemicals to manage swimming pool water seemed backwards,” notes Kem Free Water Owner Harry Papaian. “The use of one chemical compound triggered the need for others. We understood the damage these caustic chemicals did to pool equipment, surfaces, and, most importantly, swimmers and wanted to rectify these hazardous issues.” With the H2titan, there’s no need for chlorine; muriatic acid; algaecides; stabilizer (cyanuric acid); clarifiers; or metals to keep pool water sparkling clean. The system acts by streaming pH-balancing ions into the filtration system to maintain a perfect pH level, eliminate algae and other microorganisms, and control alkalinity and total hardness, all at the same time.

Kem Free Water has achieved great results over the past five years, installing thousands of units. The dedicated team of engineers, technologists, sales people, and installers help ensure each system gets hooked up quickly and correctly. The installation of the H2titan water management system components does not require the modification of existing filtration systems. To learn more about protecting your home and family from harmful pool chemicals with the H2titan Hyper Water System, call and schedule your installation now or visit their website.

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