10th Annual Calabasas Film Festival

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The streets of Calabasas will be paved with red carpets for a very special experience this fall—the 10th Annual Calabasas Film Festival (CFF). Join our fabulous community as many of Calabasas’ most talented residents join forces for this must-attend, five-day, fun-filled event, complete with hand-selected film premieres and lively, catered cocktail hours and afterparties. Created as a nonprofit platform for avid movie-goers, studio executives, and key players in the entertainment industry, CFF celebrates all things film by showcasing a mix of award-winning features, documentaries, and shorts.

Sisters and festival co-directors Kelley and Nicole Fries are dedicated to delivering an unforgettable festival experience by sparking conversations and captivating their guests. They credit their continuous success to their talented staff, volunteers, and board and the incredible support of the passionate residents of their headquarters in Calabasas—“where the heart of film lives.” With so many wildly talented neighbors working in the entertainment industry, the Fries sisters have taken advantage of the opportunity to bring together like-minded individuals and filmgoers within Calabasas and the surrounding areas to connect over mutual passions for film and television.

In the spirit of promoting the arts, supporting filmmakers, and inspiring film lovers, the Calabasas Film Festival traditionally dedicates its last day to honor, educate, and empower the future of the industry—local high school students who have submitted their films for judging by a panel of movie industry personnel. CFF firmly believes in the importance of keeping film alive within the education system by providing future directors, producers, and writers a path to accomplish their dreams and share their stories. With new sponsors and a fresh film lineup, this year is sure to be one for the books. Visit calabasasfilmfestival.com for more information.

To purchase tickets online, visit calabasasfilmfestival.com.