What Is Your Favorite Color To Wear?


Ever wonder what makes diamonds the color of brilliant sunlight or baby blue skies? Certified Gemologist Gall Raiman, in the business for over 36 years, can teach you all about diamonds and more at his exclusive jewelry store, Raiman Rocks, in Calabasas.


Color my world
Born deep beneath the earth’s sur face, natural diamonds eventually rise up through volcanic eruptions. During this journey, they encounter additional minerals that may affect their color. Yellow diamonds, also known as canaries, achieve their appearance from nitrogen molecules that absorb blue light making the stone yellow. The soothing color of blue diamonds, on the other hand, comes from the boron element mixing with carbon as the diamond was formed. As for desirable pink diamonds, the color pink is created due to unknown changes in the lattice structure. Colored diamonds often possess a secondary hue, such as green, violet, or gray. Blue and pink diamonds are among the rarest on earth, next to red. They can only be found in a few mines in Africa, Australia, and India.

No two diamonds are identical. Their unique characteristics, from color to clarity, make them one of a kind. Natural fancy cut diamonds are graded according to the strength of their color. The more vivid they are, the higher the grade.

The shape of diamonds

Round brilliant diamonds tend to be the most popular choice, followed by fancy shaped ovals and cushions, which glean their name from their pillow-like cut. Many are also drawn to other fancy shaped diamonds, such as princess, emerald, asscher, radiant, pear, and heart cuts. Brilliant cut diamonds, which include round, princess, cushion, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, and heart-shaped stones, reflect the most light. Other shapes, such as the step cut emerald and asscher, a unique eight-sided gem, accentuate a diamond’s clarity.


Each gem’s shape and color imparts a distinctive feeling. The square princess cut, for example, feels flirty and feminine, while the emerald cut’s elongated rectangular shape imparts a more glamorous, sophisticated vibe. The oval and pear shapes are slimming, and round feels most traditional. These days, pink, green, and blue are quite popular among high-end buyers.

Raiman Rocks
Raiman Rocks carries a large inventory of loose and mounted diamonds, many three carats and larger. They also custom design the jewels surrounding the diamonds. Customers can even provide their own “rocks.” Whichever shape or color you prefer, you can rest assured the quality and design will be top notch at Raiman Rocks

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