Old School Trends are Back

in Hair and Makeup!

old school trends

There are some trends we prayed would never come back, and we swore we’d never do them again. But now, they’ve come back in a whole new way, and we’re thinking we might actually try them again. Just don’t ask us to run around in curlers. Some trends should never come back.
Here’s what we’re looking at:

• Bright eye shadows of the 80s and 90s but with a neutral face and lips

• Dark lipstick of the grunge era but matte and sophisticated

• Colored mascara for summer

• Face jewels brought back by festivals to accessorize your face

• Beauty marks, whether made with eyeliner a la Marilyn Monroe or a piercing

• Blush applied not only on your cheeks but around your eyes and through your brow too

• Glitter not just for your eyes, lips, and cheeks but all over your body

• Bright hair color, with more colors ever than before

Beauty never gets old. But what if big 80s hair comes back? Brace yourself. That might be next year.