Making a Statement With Nail Art

nail art

Nail art has becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, and the trends in designs have evolved. Your art aesthetic is personal and subjective, so while there’s no color or design that’s certified “in” or “out,” there are a few fun looks you can try this summer.

Not every nail has to have the same design. Dare to be different with unique designs on each nail that all form one cohesive look. Choosing to do an extra design on the “party nail,” or ring finger, is still as trendy as ever. Embellished French manicures give a new twist on a classic look—veer from the norm by adding a line of color under the white tip. Swirls can be done in bright, neutral, or monotone colors. Stripes, diamonds, jewels, charms, polka dots, and marble designs have taken over the nail art game—instead of simple summer flowers. Almost anything goes, so use your creativity and have fun trying something new with your nails.