Downsizing: What’s New in Fat-Transfer Breast Augmentation

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For many, breast augmentation can be a life-changing procedure. It can restore volume, symmetry, and general aesthetic quality to the breasts, as well as a profound sense of confidence. As one of the leading board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Los Angeles, Dr. Andrew T. Cohen has performed thousands of breast augmentations with beautiful and long-lasting results. That said, some women eventually choose to get rid of their implants for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that many women who received breast implants in their 20s and 30s simply don’t want to live with foreign material in their bodies, while still wanting to look and feel beautiful about their breasts. These patients can benefit from a new and highly effective procedure known as “downsizing,” using fat-transfer breast augmentation.

Dr. Cohen has developed a unique way of harvesting and injecting fat using the PureGraft system. The result is restored volume using one’s own harvested fat cells and breast augmentation without a foreign body. The downsizing procedure begins by safely removing the saline or silicone breast implant, as well as any scar tissue that may have developed over the years. In some cases, Dr. Cohen then performs a natural breast lift to reduce any sagging skin. The breast augmentation PureGraft system is performed at the same time, where excess unwanted fat from one region of the body is extracted, washed, and injected into the breasts to achieve the desired size and shape. This allows a woman to maintain a body that signifies femininity, sexuality, and beauty without the need for implants. As with all surgical procedures, Dr. Cohen provides each patient with an extensive consultation to determine goals and desired outcomes. For many of his patients, “downsizing” with fat-transfer breast augmentation has provided the best of both worlds.

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