Beauty is an Inside Job

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How do you define true beauty? Beauty comes from the inside, not the outside. Many times we think of beauty as all the outwardly obvious thing—a flawless face, flat tummy, trim waste, long legs, and the perfect hair. That’s completely false though. Have you ever met someone who you thought was gorgeous on the outside but ended up having an inner ugliness to their behavior and attitude? And conversely, maybe you’ve met someone who didn’t catch your eye physically but is the most genuine and awesome person you’ve ever met who is very attractive in a unique way.

True Beauty Traits
  1. Beautiful people have self-love and high self-esteem. They hold themselves in high regard but HUMBLY. They love their perfectly imperfect selves—they know they’re not perfect, no one is, but they truly have high self-esteem and carry themselves well.
  2. Beautiful people keep their eyes in their own lane. They don’t compare their walk in life to anyone else’s. They don’t gossip. They don’t pretend to cheer people on but silently hope those people fail because it makes them look and feel better. They run their own race; they’re not threatened by anyone else’s success. They know they have a purpose, and they keep their eyes in their own lane.
  3. Beautiful people come clean and admit their mistakes when they should. There’s nothing more unattractive than people who always think they’re right. Beauty is someone who will say, “You’re right and I was wrong!”
  4. Beautiful people treat others kindly and genuinely. They also treat themselves kindly and take care of themselves inside and out. They allow themselves some down time to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh.
  5. Beautiful people keep an open mind. They know that everything isn’t always as it seems. If someone is in a bad mood, instead of making a snap judgment, they understand that the person is probably just having a bad day, and they will cut that person some slack.
  6. Beautiful people are courageous. They’re courageous enough to dream audacious dreams and pursue them. They’re courageous enough to know when they should change and refine themselves. They’re courageous enough to take a stand and stand for something they believe.