The Audi RS6 Avant

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There are certain cars that many of us consider “sleepers.” A wolf in sheep’s clothing so to speak. A car that you only know what it is if you “know what it is.” Cars like these speak to a certain type of enthusiast, one that wants to make a statement without making a statement…and makes a certain type of statement. That may make sense to you or it may not, but again, those who know…know.

The Audi RS6 Avant is a car that is utter perfection for car enthusiasts who want world-class performance, supercar performance, while driving around in a station wagon. A “grocery getter” or “car for the dog park,” the owners will jest, all while knowing that if a Ferrari or Lamborghini lined up next to them, they’d get a run for their money. Ahh, the unicorn…the Audi RS6 Avant.

The RS6 Avant boasts a twin-turbo V8 engine pushing just shy of 600 horsepower. Naturally, the RS6 boasts Audi’s world-renowned, dynamic all-wheel-drive system, which gets this wagon from standing to 60 miles per hour in just over three seconds. And with a top speed of 190 miles per hour…just wait for the aftermarket tuners to get their hands on it. A 200-mile-per-hour “grocery getter,” the owner will say…all while trying to hide a mischievous smile and hoping for a freeway on-ramp.

I once owned an Audi S4 Avant. It was a 2001 with a twin turbo and all-wheel drive. Even back then, the dream car for many of us was the RS6 Avant. Well, the dream is alive and ready for reality. This is one of those cars that if you can do it, do it. See you at the supermarket or the dog park! For more info: