SPACES Calabasas Grand Opening

On Thursday, June 14, SPACES created a footprint in Calabasas hosting a grand opening event for tenants, prospects, and members of the community. The event boasted over 200 attendees, one of which included Mayor of Calabasas, Fred Gaines who presented a certificate to congratulate the SPACES team of Alex, Marcos, and Zulie, inviting them to be among other successful businesses in Calabasas. SPACES is a creative working environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. They offer dynamic working areas to help you think, create, and collaborate. At SPACES, they host a talented and forward-thinking community with high energy and an appetite for success. We believe that work has become a dynamic, natural impulse blending in with the flow of life. Work is less about things and more about people and ideas at SPACES. The culture goes beyond work, building a community of interesting people doing exciting things.