Sky Full of Stars Presented by the Kevin Cordasco Foundation

Kevin Cordasco, Sr., and his family hosted a beautiful fundraising event for the Kevin Cordasco Foundation, Something Yellow, and dedicated the evening of September 29 to the Heroes of Childhood Cancer. Kevin, Jr., was an inspirational young man who battled neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer that affects less than 700 children annually, for nearly seven years. He was an honors student, an athlete, and a musician. Kevin Cordasco, Jr., passed away March 11, 2013. The Cordasco family and their friends continue to remember Kevin through the Something Yellow Foundation.

The night, hosted at the Warner Center Hilton Hotel, included a cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and a live and silent auction, where items were offered to interested bidders. A dinner club atmosphere was created, complete with the sounds of accomplished composer/arranger Paul McDonald and his incredible Big Band, with special appearance by Kevin Cordasco and friends. For more information or to donate, visit

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