Sagebrush Cantina 30th Annual Thanksgiving Senior Luncheon

The Sagebrush Cantina Restaurant and Saloon hosted its 30th Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon on Thanksgiving Day.  This annual event is made possible by the Rotary Club of Calabasas Charitable Foundation who plans and organizes the event each year. The luncheon would also not be made possible without the continued generosity and support of Sagebrush Cantina and their amazing staff who prepare the wonderful food for those in need. This year, over 125 volunteers joined forces with fellow Rotarians and students who served over 700 appreciative seniors. Due to the Woolsey Fire aftermath, those impacted by the fire were also included. The food was enjoyed by all, along with a festive day of music and dancing! 

As in years past, the Calabasas Rotary club relies on the generosity of local citizens and businesses for food, services, and funds in order to provide a filling and festive holiday meal. Donal Tavey, owner of the Sagebrush Cantina in Old Town Calabasas, and general manager Charlie Halstead make this annual tradition possible by devoting their entire restaurant and its charitable staff to serve the ample crowd of guests each year.

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