Oaks Christian to Launch New Institutes

Oaks Christian School is launching three groundbreaking institutes in fall 2019 to prepare students for colleges and careers in a 21st-Century world. Augmenting its college-preparatory curriculum, Oaks Christian will open the Institute of Arts and Innovation with pathways for songwriting, filmmaking, and music production; the Institute of Engineering with pathways in rocketry/aerospace, robotics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science; and the Institute of Global Leadership focusing on finance, law, human behavior, global studies, and entrepreneurship.

“Our students and teachers are passionate about learning,” says Associate Head of School for Academics Dr. Matt Northrop. “These institutes will allow students who are interested in music, film, visual arts, engineering, or leadership to pursue these passions in ways that are meaningful and purposeful—in ways that will bring them joy while impacting the community.”

The institutes feature real-world internships, guest lectures and master classes by industry experts, outside-classroom educational opportunities, and a capstone project completed during senior year. For more information, please contact admissions@oakschristian.org.

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