Connecting a Caring Community Hosts Buddies and Books

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Lisa Kodimer, co-founder and executive director of Connecting a Caring Community, recently hosted a fundraising event in the driveway of her residence. “Buddies and Books” offered volunteers an opportunity to make adorable stuffed animals and donate children’s books. The event was designed to raise funds for North Hills Prep, a school that educates and graduates students whose social and emotional needs are best served in a small, therapeutic learning community.

Connecting a Caring Community (CCC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that mobilizes our community to raise funds and provide relief to those who are most in need.  The vision at CCC goes beyond writing checks to charities and their recipients. They strive to encourage others into action through their programs by creating a culture of giving back through awareness, experience, and meaningful interactions.  This formula exponentially affects both recipients and givers, in turn enabling the entire community to give, love, and grow. For more information, visit