Calabasas Environmental Commission Annual Forum

On Thursday, February 22, the City of Calabasas hosted a free environmental forum on smart gardening and landscaping with native plants at Founders Hall. An illustrated talk, Gardening for Wildlife, discussing native plants that provide essential leaf, nectar, seed, nut, and berry foods for Southern California bird, bee, and butterfly species, was presented by Lisa Novick from the Theodore Payne Foundation. From Bio Contractors, President of Landscaping Curtis Thomsen discussed native and drought-tolerant plants and smart gardening. Bryan Badgett from Environmental Patterns spoke about smart water management and smart irrigation.

One of the goals of this year’s forum was to promote registration of Calabasas properties with the National Wildlife Federation so that the city becomes a Certified Community Wildlife Habitat. Tessa Charnofsky, urban wildlife manager from the National Wildlife Federation, provided details on how to make this happen. For more information, visit

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