Bay Laurel Elementary School Taco Book Party

An amazing group of Bay Laurel parents gathered at the Chernin residence on February 3 for a karaoke fiesta and book event to raise money for their beloved elementary school.

The night was filled with tacos, churros, karaoke, and drinks as guests sang their hearts out, played beer pong, posed for selfies, and socialized by the fire pit while enjoying beautiful lakefront views. Parents did not bat an eye, performing a variety of songs in an awesome karaoke battle to benefit their elementary school.

Hosted by the Chernin family, the Mitchell family, the Bernstein family, the Katz family, the Dare family, the Klee family, the Jagtiani family, the Arinsburg family, the Mironer family, the Brenner family, and the Holmes family, the night was a huge success and tons of fun for all!

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