4th Annual Bay Laurel Summer Fundraiser

Parents and friends came together on June 3 to host a great party at the home of Marisa Lainer at The Oaks in Calabasas. This fabulous event was the scene of a great fundraising party where all proceeds were donated to the Bay Laurel Elementary School in Calabasas.

The event was organized by a dedicated group of Bay Laurel Moms who were instrumental in raising over $8,000 for this fundraising event.

Organizers included Laura Garbell, Julie Tesser, Nisa Zap, Marisa Lainer, Lisa Friedman, Carrie Brenner, Jodie Katofsky, Alexis Rouss, Errina Mercer, Jill Gilman, Jody Stiegemeyer, Carla Rosso and Art Smith. This year’s party theme was “Calabasas Coachella”, where everyone enjoyed a great night of food, drinks, music, dancing, and friendship.

Bay Laurel Elementary, Home of the Dolphins, places an emphasis on celebrating students for exemplifying positive character traits – a trait that each of these moms have also come to embrace.

Photography by Linda Perry