Summer Adventures in Reading Wonderland

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Reading is the quintessential summer hobby. Encourage your kids to keep their minds engaged during their break from school by taking regular trips to the local library or perusing the aisles of a bookstore to find the perfect summer read. There are plenty of reward programs available where kids can earn prizes—from new books to ice cream treats—as incentives to get them started and keep them motivated. You can also create your own bingo card or reading journal to track progress and reward your child for a job well done.

Let your kids’ imaginations soar as they build a cozy fort or indoor reading nook for a designated calm and quiet space. Take your books outdoors to get some fresh air and read while enjoying a picnic at the park or beach. Get the whole family involved by sharing one chapter a night from a favorite for all ages, like the Harry Potter series. Audiobooks are also a great option, especially for teens interested in learning a new language.

Introduce your youngest book worms to Eric Carle’s unforgettable collage illustrations in The Hungry Caterpillar andthe whimsical rhymes of Dr. Seuss in The Cat in the Hat or pick up current top-seller Dragons Love Tacos. Early readers will feel confident in their newfound abilities with the Pete the Cat (My First I Can Read) collection. Chapter books like Amelia Bedelia and Captain Underpants are full of laughs for elementary readers, and classics by E.B. White and Roald Dahl bring magic and fantasy to life, brightening every imagination. Leading by example is key, so show your enthusiasm by sharing your childhood favorites, and don’t forget to pick up something new to read for yourself. When it comes to reading, you really can’t go wrong.